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Nutrition is one factor that can affect your oral health. Now Dental takes your diet and nutrition into consideration, and we provide holistic dentistry. Contact us at 832-932-3959 to learn more about nutrition and holistic dentistry in League City, Texas, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maxim Skormin.

A person’s health is one of the most important assets in their life, especially later in life. Without health, every other aspect of our lives becomes difficult, unenjoyable, and often downright impossible. People who are in good health are considered lucky. They probably exercise, do not smoke, and do not engage in any of the other myriad harmful activities. Good health has very little to do with luck.

Is it true that everyone has the right to good health? What if I told you that it is possible, if you have not managed to destroy your body past the point of no return, to enjoy a much more fulfilling way of life, and that almost everyone is capable of drastically improving their quality of life now?

Despite its ability to perform absolute miracles, our medical community has turned more toward the maintenance of chronic diseases than figuring out strategies to prevent them.

A person’s quality of life depends on a trinity of principles that must be balanced. The quality of life cannot be sustained for any reasonable length of time if one of the principles is missing. Three supporting principles are: Proper Nutrition, Proper Exercise, and Proper Mental and Spiritual Condition.

Nutrition & A Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases. A balanced and healthy diet provides the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly and support overall well-being. We are what we eat, quite literally. Over the course of a few months, every molecule and atom in our bodies is completely replaced by something that came from the outside. Only air is more important than food and water consumption. Food and drink aren’t the only sources of nutrition, though. As important as the “what” is the “how”. A great steak enjoyed with family at a family dinner would hardly compare to one delivered through a tube to one’s stomach in a hospital setting.

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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Dentists diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions, disorders, and diseases of the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. As a necessary part of total oral health, dentistry can also affect the health of your entire body.

Dental visits are not a regular part of most people’s schedules. They only go when there is a problem. “Crisis treatment” is often cheaper than “preventive treatment.” Although these patients may feel they are saving money, it often ends up costing much more in dollars and time. Many dental problems do not show symptoms until they reach the advanced stages of a disease process.

In most cases, tooth decay does not hurt until it gets close to the nerve. It is not uncommon to see patients with large cavities who have never felt a thing. Usually, a dentist can detect a cavity 3-4 years before any symptoms appear. Early detection can help you avoid root canal treatment.
Holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care that focuses on the overall health and well-being of the patient, rather than just treating individual dental problems. It takes into account the connection between oral health and the health of the entire body.
Individually crafted porcelain veneers cover the fronts of teeth with very thin porcelain shells. They are very durable and will not stain, making them a very popular solution for those seeking to restore or enhance the beauty of their smile.

Veneers can be used to restore or correct the following dental conditions:

Tooth discoloration or staining that is severe
Spaces that are unwelcome or uneven
Teeth that are worn or chipped
Crowding of a few teeth
Teeth that are crooked
Tooth sizes that are too small or too large
In most cases, veneers require two appointments. Veneers are created from an impression (mold) of your teeth that is then sent to a professional dental laboratory where each veneer is custom-made (for shape and color) for your individual smile.

Veneers are prepared by lightly buffing and shaping the front surface of the teeth to allow for the thin thickness of the veneers without anesthesia. Occasionally, a specialized light is used to harden and seal the bond between the veneer and the tooth. Veneers are carefully fitted and bonded to the tooth surface with a special bonding cement.

Dental veneers can dramatically improve your teeth and give you a natural, beautiful smile.
Brush your teeth for two to three minutes every time. It takes that long to get rid of the bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. Do not brush too hard. It takes very little pressure to remove bacteria and plaque. Floss at least once a day. Flossing is the only way to get bacteria from between your teeth.

Watch what you eat when it comes to sugar. Candy, fruits, crackers, and chips contain sugar. The bacteria in your mouth prefer these foods. Foods like raisins and peanut butter that stick to your teeth should be avoided. As a result, they can provide a constant supply of food to the bacteria eating into your teeth. Eat sweet items at a minimum during the day and brush your teeth afterward.

If you are unable to brush after a meal, rinse your mouth with water to remove food from your teeth. You can also chew sugarless gum after a meal. Chewing regulates the flow of your saliva, which is a natural plaque-fighting agent. Do not forget to visit the dentist on a regular basis. A cavity-free visit is largely due to good dental habits.
Each of us stands to lose a tooth at some point. Every year, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out! We may be able to save the tooth if we know how to handle this emergency situation. When teeth are knocked out, we may be able to re implant them if we act quickly, but calmly, and follow these simple steps:

Only handle the crown of the tooth (the part you chew on), not the roots.

Do not scrub or use soap or chemicals to clean your teeth. If it is dirty or soiled, you can rinse it gently with your saliva or whole milk. If this is not possible, gently rinse it with water.

Visit a dentist within 30 minutes. Re implantation is less likely to be successful the longer you wait.

Transport methods for teeth

As soon as possible, replace the tooth in its socket. Keep the tooth in place by biting down on gauze, a wet tea bag, or your own teeth. Apply a cold compress to the mouth to relieve pain and swelling.

Place the tooth in a container and cover it with a small amount of your saliva or whole milk if it cannot be placed back in its socket. Alternatively, you can place the tooth under your tongue or between your lower lip and gums. Always keep the tooth moist. You should not transport the tooth in a tissue or cloth.

Keep a “Save-A-Tooth” storage container in your home first aid kit. A travel case and fluid solution are included in the kit, which is available in many pharmacies.

As soon as the tooth is replaced back into the socket, the greater the chances of it surviving and possibly lasting for a long time. You can save a knocked-out tooth by following these simple steps.

Broken or knocked-out teeth can be prevented by:

When playing sports, wear a mouth guard

Wear your seatbelt at all times

Keeping fights to a minimum

Do not chew hard items such as ice, popcorn kernels, hard breads, etc.

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