Nutrition and Holistic approach in dentistry

Health – The art of living

“All you need is good health,” says a wise man. Yes, it is true. We consider health, especially later in the course of our lives, to be one of the most important assets. In fact, without health, every other aspect of our life becomes difficult, none enjoyable, and often downright impossible. We think a person is lucky because he or she stays in good health. They must workout, do not smoke, or do not do any other myriad of what is considered to be harmful activities. But, in fact, luck has very little to do with good health.

What if I told you that good health is in fact a birthright of everyone? What if I told you that it is possible, if you have not managed to destroy your body past the point of no return, to enjoy a much more fulfilling way of live, and almost everyone is capable of drastically improving their quality of life now?

It is no longer a surprise that our medical community, even though capable of absolute miracles, have turned in large towards maintenance of chronic diseases, rather than figuring out strategies for their prevention.

Quality of one’s life is based on a trinity of principles that must be present, in balance, and developed. If one of the principles is missing, no stable quality of life can be maintained for any reasonable length of time. The three supporting principles are: Proper Nutrition, Proper Exercise, and Proper Mental and Spiritual Condition.

In the scope of this article, we will not be covering the spiritual aspect for that is determined by one’s heart calling and only superficial guidance can be offered in that respect. Although Dr. Skormin has been on his spiritual path for the past 12 years and has led a Christian study club for two, he is still very cautious in offering spiritual guidance.

The second aspect is the proper exercise. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available on this topic. In addition, we affiliate with a few service providers in Houston area, who are fully capable in offering custom exercise programs designed to fit your needs and your budget. Please ask us at any time during your appointment in regards to this matter.

And that brings us at last to the topic of proper nutrition. We are what we eat. Quite literally, in a matter of a few months, every molecule and atom in our bodies is completely replaced with something that came from outside. A need for food and water consumption is secondary only to our need for air. It is not only what we drink and eat, however. The “how” plays an equally important role. One would agree that even the best quality foods delivered via a food tube in a hospital setting would hardly compare to a great stake eaten in a company of your loved ones at a family dinner. And that is where dentistry comes in.

A vast majority of acquired diseases enter our bodies through oral cavity. The condition of one’s oral cavity is one of the best early indicators of a great number of diseases in a human body, either via direct indicators or by exhibiting behavioral patterns, that should be known to an experienced dentist. In addition, dentistry is the only branch of medicine that is currently able to offer a complete rehabilitation, in most cases, with almost complete restoration of function and cosmetic appearance.

Therefore, your dentist should be in the front line of early diagnosis and treatment of multitude of human diseases and be able to refer a patient to an appropriate healthcare provider to continue his or her treatment, as well as to offer a sound advice on how to avoid many future problems.

At our office, we would like to offer you a holistic approach to your dental health, as well as your health in general. It is our goal to significantly improve your quality of life, improve the way you feel and the way you and others perceive you. How would you like to be able to fully enjoy your life again? How would you like to be able to stop spending thousands of hard-earned dollars on dental visits and medications? How would you like to learn how to even cut down on your family’s grocery bill? Please ask us at your next visit. But remember, we can only show you the way and it is up to you to walk it.